D-ANALYST, a registered trademark, is a platform integrating artificial intelligence (AI). This tool makes it easy to understand unstructured data for large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. We recently integrated the interface of our legacy sofware The Weasel to have an even greater processing capability,

Our services

  • Search & seizure,data extraction on : mobile device, tablet, servers, cloud computing, destop.
  • Court order executions under the Civil Code and Common Law such as Anton Piller, Norwich, Safeguard Order.
  • Support and consultation service.
  • Digital evidence management.
  • Civil and commercial litigation (assistance in drafting a court order).
  • Development of tailor-made solutions for data acquisition and extraction.
  • Electronic evidence management.
  • Decryption of password protected or encrypted electronic files.
  • Expert report writing.
  • Internal fraud investigation.
  • Commercial litigation, labor dispute litigation.
  • Corporate investigations and internal audits.
  • Investigation
    • cyberbullying
    • Cyber ​​harassment
    • Cyberdefamation
  • Customized security training and cybercrime in your company or office, tailored to your needs