Organize, Discover, Act


Since its founding, VIGITECK has dedicated its resources to developing, mastering and improving innovation and solutions that provide our customers with the power, flexibility and speed required to cope with the growing complexity and challenges of computer forensics and Ediscovery.

Our sophisticated products and services will help you resolve your disputes and conduct comprehensive digital investigations of all kinds and make informed decisions more efficiently and quickly.

Due diligence

Background check

Go beyond the standard background check. Select your candidates carefully with confidence and peace of mind.


Fraud detection

Uncover fraud, corruption, money laundering, and more.


Risk assestment

Catch the hidden threats and risks, throughout your entire organisation, before they happen or get worse.


Gestion de la preuve

Easily find, discern, sort and analyse a vast amount public and legal information essential to your mandates, quickly.


Special investigations

Our brand new specialized numeric investigation services with unique tools.