As you might expect, the majority of our clients are confidential.

But here are types of organizations that have benefitted from our products and expertise.

Private Companies & Organizations

Catch the hidden threats and risks, throughout your entire organisation, before they happen or get worse.

Accounting & Auditing Firms

Uncover fraud, corruption, money laundering, and more.

Government & Public Agencies

We carry out the “independent” analyses and provide the unprejudiced information.

Human Resources

Go beyond the standard background check. Select your candidates carefully with confidence and peace of mind.

Law & Litigation Firms

Easily find, discern, sort and analyse a vast amount public and legal information essential to your mandates, quickly.

Police, Investigation, & Security Forces

Benefit from a complete infrastructure of digital forensics, from e-discovery to tactical intelligence.

And our current clients, those that we can disclose: