The company’s first challenge, in 2012, was to create facial and form recognition software to assist police in their investigations, but the company quickly expanded its technology and developed products, to respond to the needs of a wider audience including private enterprises, anti-corruption bodies, provincial and national government agencies, to law firms and more.

VIGITECK™ now helps these types of organisations when they need answers, quickly, for risk management, audits, investigations, insider threats, litigation, and other essential challenges.

Groupe Vigiteck Inc. is also the technology division of Artemis Renseignement Inc.


All of VIGITECK™’s products are powered by d-ANALYST™, an artificial intelligent (AI) tool that simplifies large and complex, including unstructured, volumes of data quickly and efficiently.

With its unique deep-learning and sentimental analysis capabilities, the tool intuitively sorts the valuable from the junk, then graphically displays and classifies the clusters, links and interconnection, or disconnection, of the data processed.

Thus making it easy to immediately pinpoint that which is most important and relevant to your situation and that which is not.


Our products are robust thanks to our partners.


An eDiscovery software platform that captures data from hundreds of locations then uses advanced discovery techniques to analyse, visualise, and report on the information uncovered. The software platform is used by organisations in more than 45 countries.


A forensic software to extract and analyze data from mobile devices, their backups, cloud services and call data records. Their software covers the widest range of mobile devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc., and is used in more than 100 countries across the globe, assisting various US and European federal and state agencies, such as the IRS, US Army, FBI, US Department of Defense (DOD), US Department of Justice, Interpol, London Metropolitan Police, French National Police and many more.


Based in Montreal, Canada, Semeon is the leading semantic, sentiment, intent and statistical analysis. Thanks to its 100 person-years of experience with natural language processing systems, their team of experts has developed a unique platform that tracks what is being said about brands, products, customers, competitors and helps them do so more rapidly and efficiently than with other competing semantic products.

An industry-leading solution for social media, email, IMAP, and Internet-based data collection. They support more than 600 enterprise customers and more than 500,000 active commercial and government users.


A consulting firm with experts in the fields of intelligence, cybercrimes, fraud, corruption, counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism.

Paul Laurier, Founder & CEO, Groupe Vigiteck Inc.


VIGITECK™ was founded by Paul Laurier, a former Sûreté du Québec investigator, with over 20 years experience fighting financial crimes, as Provincial Coordinator, and as Team Leader in the security intelligence and counterterrorism service. Additionally, as part of an Integrated National Security Team, with the RCMP and CSIS, he combatted against terrorist group financing.

He trained in cybercrime at the United States of America’s FBI Academy in Quantico and the Canadian Police College. To complement his work, he completed a Master degree in Information Technology at the École de technologie supérieure (ETS). Also, he did the Phd shooling requirement in computer engineering to developed a forensic data mining and analysis tool that aids in the prevention of mass killings.

He is a well-respected expert, often consulted in legal proceedings, with regards to data mining, data recovery, and online vigilance. He is also a speaker, educator, and trains others for all activities related to cybercrime.


Quebec’s Pimps Now Tracked On The Web

Through a simple query, our platform d-ANALYST™ was able to easily find pimps active in Quebec. We discovered that the most prolific of these “pimps” controls about forty-three girls. But the real benefit is being able to retrieve all the phone numbers associated with these pimps and then track them down when girls go missing.

Read the details here (article in French only).